Current Competition Results


A Singles:

L Thompson 25 def P Watters 19

J Allen 25 def K Blackadder 19

P Whelan 25 def M Koroloff 21

R Kleinschmidt 25 def B Hay 16

P Whelan 25 def R Kleinschmidt 14

P Carton 25 def P Franzmann 8

J Allan 25 def L Thompson 19

P Carton 25 def P Whelan 17

A Pairs Final:

L Thompson, P O'Keeffe 29 def P Carton, R Kleinschmidt 19

Fours Final:

S Parry, K Robertson, J Allen, P Whelan 21 def P Carton, R Kleinschmidt, J Geraghty, E Lee 17

Novice Singles: (Round Robin Format)

A Toscano 25 def H Lockyer 6

A Toscano 25 def K Tuite 23

A Toscano 25 def J Hay 5

B Singles:

R Connolly 25 def H Lockyer 2

B Pairs:

M Koroloff, M Haysom 22 def K Tuite, D Toye 20

Mixed Pairs:

M Watters, P Watters 25 def K Franzmann, P Franzmann 15

M Watters, P Watters 23 def D Treacy, L Thompson 6



Round 1:  Ashgrove def Kallangur White

Round 2:  Bye

Round 3:  Ashgrove def Aspley White

Round 4:  Narangba def Ashgrove

Round 5:  Ashgrove def Chermside

Round 6:  Kallangur def Ashgrove

Round 7:  Bye

Round 8:  Ashgrove def Aspley White

Round 9:  Cancelled due to rain

Round 10:  Ashgrove def Chermside



Round 1:  Merthyr def Ashgrove

Round 2:  Ashgrove def Grange

Round 3:  St Lucia def Ashgrove

Round 4:  Ashgrove def Samford

Round 5:  Ferny Grove A def Ashgrove

Round 6:  Ashgrove def Everton Park

Round 7:  Toowong def Ashgrove

Round 8:  Bye

Round 9:  Cancelled due to rain

Round 10:  Ferny Grove B def Ashgrove

Round11:  Enogerra def Ashgrove


Tuesday 4th June 2019

WOW: A Toscano, R Connolly, P Franzmann +3

WOL:  S Wallace, B Cameron, L Skippen +12

Next Week's Jackpot:  Approx $250


Saturday 15th June 2019

WOW:  J O'Brien, R Rooney, K Blackadder +10

WOL:  R Steer, M Barwick, B Hay +10


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